Ewuria exudes her passion about fitness no matter where she is. As the Director of Operations at Well Space, her goal is to educate, motivate and get people excited about fitness.  She is a certified trainer and sports nutritionist with a vast understanding and background in biomechanics and kinesiology. Ewuria has earned a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion Management from American University with countless health and fitness certifications under her belt. Her experience in the fitness industry spans over ten years where she has specialized in fitness for seniors, individuals with disabilities, pre-natal and post-natal moms.

Ewuria believes that everyone can reach their fitness goals if given the right tools. “There is no limit to what your body can do with a positive mindset, a solid program and the right trainer”.

Efua (Peaches)
Efua has established herself as an expert in fitness marketing and program development. She serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications at Well Space and has developed classes that are unique to the Well Space experience. Efua attended the University of Toledo and Georgetown University to obtain her degrees in communications, theater, business management and marketing.  In addition, she holds certifications in group exercise, personal training and functional fitness.  As Efua’s experience in the fitness industry spans nearly 10 years, she encourages her clients with her enthusiasm & passion and constantly reminds them that “Fitness is MENTAL, your body won't go where your mind doesn't allow it”.

Dulce is the Guest Relations Manager at Well Space. She is one of the friendly faces that greets you as you enter through the doors. Her laughter and smile warms the heart of Well Spacers and anyone else who enters into the facility. She stongly believes that you have to like what you do in order to have a stress free life. In addition to bringing a ray of sunshine to others, Dulce is a wife and mother of 2 handsome boys and currently enjoying the fitness activities at Well Space.
Greg's experience in the fitness industry spans 15+ years. As a certified personal trainer, his love of fitness has awarded him the opportunity to work with people of various fitness levels. Greg specializes in overall fitness conditioning, sports conditioning, and post-rehabilitation. He is known for his hardcore, motivating style of training that helps push individuals to transform their minds and bodies to not only achieve their fitness goals but maintain them as well.
Michelle has a love of music and dance and wants to share it with others! She started enjoying Zumba classes five years ago and became a licensed Zumba instructor in 2014. She puts great passion, fun, and sexiness in her style. Her high energy and positive spirit are definitely contagious. In addition to dancing, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and playing tag with her two little boys. To Michelle, moving your body and having fun go hand in hand. Come feel the music with Michelle!
Jorre is a rising senior at the University of Maryland pursuing a double major in Spanish and Neurobiology. While aboard the Pre-Med track, she completely fell in love with Zumba after her very first encounter and obtained her certification in 2013. Her love for music and numerous years of dance experience have further fed her passion for this one of a kind workout experience. Come join her for a fun and engaging workout to really get your body moving!

For over 20+ years, Wayne Gilmore has competed, trained, and been affiliated with the world of boxing. Having trained for and competed in the National Junior Olympics, Wayne’s drive and talent helped him excel to box in the legendary Madison Square Garden during his youth. After competing in some of the most prestigious youth events, he took his talents to the United States Military, where he competed in several matches around Europe. 

When the final bell rang and the gloves were hung up, Wayne continued to be an active member of the fitness community; having coached youth football teams and hosted several mini-camps for aspiring athletes. In 2013, he founded Combo Fitness™ and became a NASM certified personal trainer, which is one of the most highly sought after certification in the personal training industry.