Fitness Programs

At Well Space, we help you realize your true fitness potential.

Weight Loss

If weight loss is your ultimate goal, we have a structured and appropriately intense program that helps you take the pounds off once and for all.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition and fitness go hand and hand.  After completing an assessment, your metabolism, current nutritional habits and activity levels are analyzed so that you receive the best outcome.

Personal Training

You will receive one-on-one instruction, assessment and accountability from a certified personal trainer. Based on assessment, you receive a customized program to address weight loss, strength training, toning or whatever your need may be.


Team/ Small Group Training

You are grouped together to form a team based on similar goals and fitness levels. These teams are made of 4-8 individuals who will receive focused attention and fitness instruction from a personal trainer.


Group Exercise

Offered as a class format, you can choose which class appeals to you based on your personal preference. Schedule may include classes like Boot Camp, Yoga, Mat Pilates, CORE, Endurance Challenge and Insanity with certified group exercise instructors.

Online Services/ Health Coaching

Our online program is customized to meet the needs of each individual. It's perfect for those individuals who are on the go but still need accountability and guidance.